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Elimination of candidates by interaction in the same area

Elimination of candidates by interaction in several areas

Elimination of candidates by interaction in all the puzzle

Learn how to solve all sudokus with my advanced techniques !

soduku difficile

You did not arrive at the end of your Sudoku puzzle with basic strategies presented? No panic, there is another vast choice of weapons to solve any puzzle!

These weapons are methods called advanced strategies. These techniques are allowing you to eliminate candidates. When the candidates will become restricted, the application of basic techniques will then allow to resolve the cell. Some of these techniques are even allowing you to find directly the solution for a given cell.

Because of the complexicity of the reasonings, candidature is mandatory unless having a memory more than exceptional.

There are dozens and dozens techniques. Some are really very sharp and are of most attractive mathematical theories rather than pragmatic tools allowing the resolution of your puzzle. For that reason, I chose to restrict this presentation to the most useful and most easy to use strategies.

Be not allowed impress by the scheme you go to find in the following pages. It can seem complex at first sight. With a little of silence around you, and by following the technique step by step, I am sure that you will be a master in some minutes.

I distributed these techniques in three categories according to the level of interaction which they require: restricted at the level of the studied area (row, column or boxe), between several areas and finally in all the puzzle.


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